Business Exit Planning on Cape Cod

Exit Planning emcompasses the creation and execution of a well-planned strategy that allows business owners to leave their business. Not to be confused with business succession planning or business continuation planning, exit planning will allow you, the business owner, to leave on your own terms and conditions. Our experienced financial advisors on Cape Cod are here to help you draft and implement your ultimate exit planning strategy.


Our Exit Planning Strategy For Businesses

At Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC, we work with you to align your long-term business goals with your eventual plan to leave the company. Preparations for your exit can include -- but certainly aren’t limited to -- any of the following:

  • Finding buyers who are interested in acquiring your business.

  • Establishing an automatic recurring revenue if possible.

  • Write down and establish standard operating procedures for your business.

  • Cleaning up and organizing your bookkeeping and business financial accounts.

The goal is to make sure you can leave on the best note possible while being rest assured that your company has a future financial and growth strategy.

How Our Cape Cod Financial Advisors Can Help

After a comprehensive analysis of all the factors that impact your business and bottom line, we will come up with a unique and personalized exit strategy. We will assess your business values as well as market values and how your business impacts the greater community. While Business Succession Planning is all about identifying a successor, Exit Planning is all about your personal financial goals and objectives.

Ready to get started planning the next stage of your post-career life? Contact Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC today for a free consultation regarding Exit Planning.