Estate Planning on Cape Cod

You have worked hard to ensure that you and your family have a bright financial future. Perhaps you have an IRA account established, a 401k you've been contributing to, and a college funding plan for your kids. Another opportunity to improve your financial security is through estate conservation with the help of Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an opportunity to plan how you want your assets to be distributed in the event of your incapacitation or death. This includes passing on parts of your assets to your next of kin and how your estate taxes and other fees will be settled. This should all be done with the help of an experienced financial manager and lawyer so that your plans can be carried out exactly as you want them. Without a proper estate plan, your assets and property could be split up and distributed however the state or federal government deems fit.

Main Components Of An Estate

Many people believe that an "estate" simply comprises of your house and vehicles. However, there are a multitude of other assets that are included under this broad term, including:

  • Real estate
  • Mortgages or other debts
  • Total value of personal property (furniture, artwork, vehicles, etc)
  • Single or group life insurance benefits
  • Savings accounts, cash, stocks/bonds, annuities and other investment accounts
  • Retirement savings accounts
  • Business value if you are a business owner

How Cape Cod Wealth Can Help With Estate Planning

After contacting our financial planning company on Cape Cod, we will discuss with you the steps necessary to take to ensure that your estate is distributed correctly. The most common financial strategies for a successful estate plan include a will, a living will or health care proxy, power of attorney and trusts. A will is the most popular option for many of our clients and is something both our financial advisors and your lawyer can help you draft. A will is a legal document within which are instructions regarding how you want your estate and financial assets to be distributed. Here you can name a trustee who will be responsible for carrying out the wishes enclosed within the will. While drafting a will, our financial advisors can also work with you to determine whether or not you would like to establish a living trust or a testamentary trust.

Having a well-thought-out estate plan is a great way for you to be remembered by your family, as well as gives your dependents an opportunity to improve their quality of life after you're gone. Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC will also work with your family members to ensure that estate taxes are minimized wherever possible in the event of your death or disability. Make sure your dependents have the resources they need to carry on by contacting our financial planning company on Cape Cod today.