412(e)(3) Retirement Planning on Cape Cod

Do you own or work for a small business on Cape Cod? It's important to ensure that your employees have a reliable retirement plan through which they can make contributions to. If you are the owner of a small business or professional enterprise and are in need of a safe, gauranteed retirement income for your employees, then a 412(e)(3) Plan may be right for you -- and Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC is here to help.

What is a 412(e)(3) Retirement Plan?

A 412(e)(3) Plan is a benefit pension plan comprised of insurance company annuities and life insurance contracts. While traditional benefit plans are based on a variety of investments (insurance, annuities, mutual funds, stocks, etc.), 412(e)(3) Plans solely deal with annuity and life insurance contracts.

So how does a 412(e)(3) Plan work? First, an insurance company will purchase annuity and life insurance contracts with guaranteed return rates. For employees who are eligible to start a 412(e)(3) Plan, they can begin to contribute on a monthly basis.

When to Choose a 412(e)(3) Plan

This type of employee retirement plan is deemed as one of the safest plans available for small business owners as it protects both employers and employees from fluctuations in the market. However, for businesses whose profits fluctuate significantly from month to month or year to year, this plan may not be right for you as 412(e)(3) Plans require large yearly contributions. It is important to consult with our Cape Cod financial advisors to determine if this type of retirement plan is best for you and your employees.

Even though there are large yearly contributions to a 412(e)(3) Plan, there are still a number of benefits which have led to an increase in popularity for this type of retirement plan. There are no market risks, no full-funding limitations under IRC Section 404(a)(1)(A), and no quarterly contributions required.

Why Choose Cape Cod Wealth For 412(e)(3) Plan Retirement Service

Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC has been helping business owners and employees with their retirement planning since 2008. With 412(e)(3) Plans, small business owners are able to provide their eligible employees with a reliable source of contributions for their retirement needs. Is your current retirement plan not working for you and your business right now? Want to learn more about how a 412(e)(3) Plan can help you and your employees? Contact our financial planning company on Cape Cod today to schedule a meeting with our experts.