401(k) Investment Service & Management

Did you know 35% of workers have $100,000 or more saved for retirement? This is largely due to establishing a strategic financial management plan early in life -- and these plans often include a 401(k).


401(k)s are a retirement savings plan sponsored by your employer to help you save money for retirement. Our goal here at Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC is to make sure that your 401(k) plan is suitable for your retirement needs.


Our Professional 401(k) Services


Our financial advisors offer all types of 401(k) services for both employers and employees, including:


  • Individual 401(k)s

  • SIMPLE 401(k)s

  • 401(k)s with qualified automatic contribution arrangements (QACAs)

  • Safe Harbor 401(k)s

  • Roth 401(k)s

  • 401(k) rollovers


Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC is here to assist you in allocating your funds inside your chosen 401(k). We’ll start you off on the right track by giving you the best 401(k) options to choose from. Our retirement planning company on Cape Cod is also here to discuss fees, tax benefits, service withdrawals and completing 401(k) rollovers.


Why Set Up a 401(k)?


We strongly encourage those in the workforce to start their 401(k) as early as possible and take advantage of their employer contributions or matches. 401(k)s are typically funded with pre-tax dollars, which means you can deduct your contributions while contributing to your retirement fund. 401(k)s are also easy to contribute to; a certain percentage of each paycheck is funneled off into the 401(k) where it aggregates over time. Once you retire, all of those accumulated funds from years of paychecks will now be accessible!


It’s important to ask your employer about their 401(k) plans that they offer so that you and your financial advisor can discuss your options. Be sure to also gather information about 401(k) fees, available funds, loan features, planning software and advisor access.


Why Choose Our 401k Planning Company


Each one of our client’s situations is different -- which means each retirement strategy is unique to the individual. Our approach to retirement planning involves setting attainable goals while making appropriate recommendations specific to your needs. Our retirement planning company works with major financial investment firms such as Vanguard, Paychex, and Fidelity so you can rest assured that your funds are secure and that you have access to insights and tools.


Ready to set up a new 401k plan or improve an existing plan? Whether you’re an employer or an employee, contact Cape Cod Wealth Strategies & Insurance Services, LLC to set up a consultation!